Erion, Gentiana & Abiel Cuni

Erion, Gentiana & Abiel Cuni


                                 Erion, Gentiana & Abiel Cuni  

              We started the church five  years ago. But we have been part of this
since we got married. With
my parents I’m here
for more than twelve years. I believe God has
send me in this place for a 
great  reason; to reach my community, And this is a strong call for my wife and the new leaders of  the church  as well. As every church in the wide world we try to be
part and a (an 
important or influencing?)  factor in the daily life of
the community,  
But sometimes we really need help to make the difference.  We
hope and 
pray that you will walk in this journey with us, to reach the community and to be a factor for the future of the community.

Luke 19:10 ” For the Son of Man
came to seek and save what was lost “.


To Pray For :

Many of the people in our area are poor, below
poverty lines.   

 Most of the
family’s are coming from the other city’s and are looking for jobs. 
is a brand new area, build during the last 7 years. For an area with
more than
 70 000 people there  is no new school.  All the children attend
the old existing schools far from 
the area.  The schools are over
crowded, with 35-40 students in one classroom, attending the 
schools with shifts  in the morning and afternoon as lack of facilities.
 But this is not the only problem. 
  Having many students
means less good teaching . From my personal experience and from the 
discussions  of the parents in our church, we understood that these children
are having major 
problems on their education. They are not able
to get the minimum of what they must in their
time in school.This
may cause a big problem in the coming years for our educational level of 
people finishing school.
 Many parents are solving these problem by hiring private
 And many teachers are using these problems as an opportunity
to make money.
 But most of the people in  our area don’t have
work and they also are renting houses for living. 
That’s why it is
impossible for them to hire a private teacher. We as a church see
these as big 
problems  for our community, but (on the other hand) also as
a chance on doing something 
very important for  them and for our
country. Having the chance to provide some teachers 2 
times a week to help the  children with their schooling program, 
will make a great impact 
on the parents lives and on the
opinion they  have about the church, as they all come from a 
 – Helping the children & families to better education
opportunities to build a bridge between church
   and community. 
  – Reaching at least 30-40 children and there families
with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
 – Having a teaching school program; helping them with their
home work, using Christian teachers to
    impact  their  life. 
 – Thinking on education and matters of life.
 – Having a great testimony for the church and the person of
Jesus Christ regarding the care for the
    poor people.
 An improvement of their skills and knowledge through
education, a new relationship with non Christian 
parents, opportunities for sharing the gospel, and saved people for the kingdom of


Two times a week classes of 10 children for English class,  chemistry and mathematics, with their
 own  school  program and extra materials for the teaching hours.
Story :
Teuta is one of the girls attending the English class. She is 13
years old. Her mother is in jail because
 she killed her husband, Teutas father.
He was an alcoholic and a very violent man. 
She has three sisters and
two brothers.
They are living with the oldest brother who
is married and has a son of 4 months old. 
Her brother is the only one working. I found Teuta at one visit I did with the prison
I offered her the opportunity to attend the English classes. I saw
the effort she put in to learn more. 
Her brothers and sisters
accepted to bring her to church for the English  classes .
And they told  the story to her mother. She was very
happy and started to share with the 
other inmates about the care the church is
having for her daughter. We would like to do (things like)
these more and more. It is a great opportunity and a  great investment we do in the life of
these children.
English Classes 

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  1. It looks like these need is very big ,just these weekend we had 5 more people that like to join our program, and is not just for the kids, but also there parents want to join our English classes. I had the chance to share the gospel with one of these parents. It woos great. The Lord really want us to go for it. Pray for us.

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