COG Fushe Mezez

Elton and Mariana are a very special and faithull members of our church.

They have helped us with the planting and establishin our first Church. But after 5 years of faithfully serving they heard the call of the Lord to start a new church plant near our next area . So after 2 years of talking praying and planing with the help of our church they started the COG Fushe Mezez. The church today has a wonderfull childrens Ministry and 25 adults.

There vision is to bring Faith, Hope and Change to the people in there comunity. But there dna is to become a church that plants other churches.

The church is young and small and needs help for the rent and wekly activities for the childrens ministry.

Elton & Mariana to suport themselfs work in other foelds. Elton as driver in  delivery & Mariana as office asistant at Prison Fellowship Albania part time.

Elton is equiping himself to be a pastor and churchplanter at the ISTL Albania and Mariana already has finishdd a 2 year program for church leadership .

They neeed your prayers and support.

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