COG “ Life in Christ “ Update on 2019

COG “ Life in Christ “ Update on 2019

Romans 8:28  (NIV)

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose .

What a great insurance we have from our father to know that He is in control in every situation of our life. That’s what a dear friend commented me in one of my social medias when I shared this verse. It is such a comfort to know that after every situation our Lord that we Love will turn in our good all what comes as bad. 2019 has been a blessing and a challenge but in all we have been victories. From bad illnesses to earthquake’s, from financial challenges to another provisioned year, from losing leaders to new ones. Our God has been there. We have learned to be more thankful to Him and for you.

Earthquake Response

Together with our partners we have been able to be a Blessing to many affected family’s from the earthquake that hit Albania on the 26 of November  with 51 lost life’s and 3811 severally damaged buildings  and over 5000 other buildings with minor damages. We have been helping together with other churches directed by the Evangelical Alliance to the most affected areas and also to those left aside in the far remoted areas.

Food Parcels                                            125

Big Tents                                                       5

Blankets & Sleeping’s bags                    35

Mattresses                                                   5

Wood for 5 family’s                                 15m3

Hats, scarfs, gloves                                   65 each

Hygienic Packs                                           55

Christmas Show Boxes                            185

Bags with Clothes                                       75

-The Biggest need was to comfort the terrified children’s and our church in cooperation with our youth center and brothers from different churches organized a special event to help to forget and restart life with beautiful moments.


That time of the year that the world celebrates, for us is the time to share the Good News, there is no celebration without the right reason to celebrate. We have had many family’s that have moved abroad and left the country , but still we had full house ,many accepted our invitations and heard the Good news. Keep them in your prayers.

To pray For

+ Please Pray for these New Year and for the decisions we have to make as leaders, that Gods Spirit and Wisdom may guide us as we lead His church and His People.

+Pray for the New churches and Church Planters that have come along our care and leadership that we might be one in Love and Vision and that we can reach the Lost and Build His Kingdom. These Year was the Longest Ride of My Life I spent 3-4 days a way from home training, mentoring assisting 11 new churches, with 35 000 km in only 10 months . I thank God for his protection and provision. I thank God for my wife and children’s that made my days easy celebrating every victory in Jesus name and many time riding along with me to show that we are a team. Keep On Praying 2020 might brake my record of km again. Thank you for your heart and your Love for the Gospel and for US.


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