COG Polican

The church will start in Polican Skrapar area ! The city & Villages around has 12 000 people. The population is 96 % Bektashi a sekt of Muslims which has the world worship center in The mount of Tomorri located above the city. The city was created during the communism time in 1965 as the need of workers in the biggest army factory in the country. The army factory is closed down and many are unemployed , the only main business is marble & decorative rocks taken out from the mount Tomorri.

The main need of the people is Hope ! In a city like these people need to understand that they don’t need to believe in the graves of the old died fathers and the sacrifices of animals. But that God is a Live and the sacrifice is done once and for all.

We are already building small groups, leaders group, children’s, group, youth groups. We are training a worship team from the youth with the help of local musicians with the hope that by teaching our youth they will come to Christ as they sing and read our songs. we want to have a big event on the Friday 13 to invite and make known to the people the opening of the church.

There is no Pastor , but a group of Man & Woman’s, the main leaders are

Bujar Cuni,   Genc Vathi  & Mimoza Shabanaj .

They are building  a team from locals to lead the church ,hoping in the comin years the local team takes over  the  leadership mentored by the church planters, the church has full activities, small groups,   children’s  ministry, youth ministry. Hoping and working that these church will be a church  planting church for  the  villages near by .

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