Me & Krista :)

Me & Krista :)
Well Me & Krista have started to teach and share with as many young people as possible ! And i thing we are doing very good ! In only 3 weeks the numbers are changing fast. And the great thing is that from all the people that comes in our class  only 3 of them leave the building and not staying in our Sunday service. We had times that the parents of the small children s  have decided to stay and be part of the Sunday Service !
Prays God for that 🙂 !   

But we are not just teachers 🙂 we also play ………and pretty good in fact 🙂 🙂

We pray that the time we spend with them it will be for the Glory of God. Our example and our words will lead them in to Christ ! Pray for us for wisdom & grace to be a bridge for them for the Gospel of Christ !
Thank you Krista Reno for you great effort and ministry !


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