Who We Are

Pastoral Couple | Erion & Gentiana Cuni

They are married since 10 years. They have 2 childrens Abiel & Lois .

As a young boy, Erion became one of the first believers in his town and quickly developed a passion for reaching the lost. When he moved to Unaza e Re, Tirana, he planted the COG ‘Life in Christ’ Evangelical Church with Gentiana, which today has nearly 50 members and three new church plants.

On the outskirts of Tirana, Unaza e Re is a diverse suburb of migrants—home to many Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses and agnostics. There is widespread unemployment and poverty. The church is situated amidst this, and members share the love of Jesus throughout the neighbourhood: living as witnesses, helping the needy, and caring for the lonely. Gentiana takes care of the woman’s meeting , some of our small groups and our children, Abiel and Lois. Their dream is that ‘the church will become a place of hope, love and care, a door that is always open for those that are lost and seek God’.

Since the time of the apostle Paul, Albania (Illyricum) has been the bridge and the route between the West and the East. We have always been at war or suffering oppression. This is a country full of diversity in population and religious beliefs. In the last 25 years we have enjoyed some kind a freedom but there remains much political and social pain; which has been a very long and tiring transition for our people.

We started our ministry with the strong conviction that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring a change and a future to our people not only physically but mainly spiritually. What used to be a land of despair could become the Land of Hope, Faith and Change. Albania has the keys of the Gospel to the East. The church of Jesus Christ in Albania must be build, train and send. We now know that God had a BIG plan for the Albanian church, and we are working to be ready so when the time comes we may say, Yes Lord send us !