Update Team Hope

Update Team Hope

Update  Team Hope

COG “ Life in Christ “ Unaza e re

Cog “ Life in Christ is located in the suburbs of Tirana the capital of Albania. Our church since 3 years is running a youth center for the children’s in our community ! Every day 120 children’s come to our classes of Piano, Guitar, German ,English attending different classes. Our community is created after the 1998 and is home to many migrant’s from allover Albania . With a population of nearly 70 000 people is becoming one of the biggest areas of the capital. With no schools and kindergartens in the area the church community program has become very popular to the community. We have decided not to preach in our classes instead serve and invest in the life’s of the children’s  and building relationships with the parents.


These year thrue Team Hope we have made possible to show the Love of Christ in a special way not only to them, but also to there sisters and brothers . Our church kept 2 events due to the space where more than 250 people came, children’s, relatives & parents.

Our church had the opportunity thanks to the help of team Hope to visit the family’s in the mountains of Polican , Berat right after the devastating earthquake that hit Albania. We visited 126 family’s in 4 villages and give our nearly 250 show boxes.

We had the chance these year to share some of the shoe boxes in 2 of the 4th elementary class of one of the schools in our city. But please we don’t have permission to share these pictures online is just for you.

Thanks to team Hope we give out nearly 700 shoeboxes in all our programs and community ! May God Bless all the givers and open the eyes and hearts of the receivers.


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