In these update I want to focus on Thanksgiving  !

In these update I want to focus on Thanksgiving  !

COG “ Life in Christ “                                                                                       November 15, 2017

In these update I want to focus on Thanksgiving  !


Thanksgiving to God for His amazing Grace on our ministry and our Life’s.  Giving thanks to God for all of you that He brought in to our Life and ministry. To share our burdens ,fulfill our Mission and carry our Vision. Today as I look back especially in the last 2 months I can clearly see how God has used all of Us to make dreams come true.  Since the beginning of our church we have prayed for a children Ministry with the kids from our community, never fully achieved.  But thanks to your prayers and your support today we have a youth center fully functional , serving our children’s community our church and God. The children’s are 80% not Christian. We have written permission from there parents  for all of our activities spiritual and social . Something that we never so before. So i thank God  for all of you and His Grace on our Ministry. Today we have 35 Children’s registered in English, Guitar, Piano & Children’s Bible Program.

ETHOS  COG Youth Community Center

Prison Ministry

Next week 15 Man will be finishing the 8 weeks course based on the Gospel of Mark. It has been a great group of Man ,all Bektashi and Muslim Backgrounds . Cant wait to have there last ideas on the course and what they have learned . It is a great moment to wait as they will decide to Believe what they have learn, having more questions or just keep on there old beliefs. Great opportunity of having our own Chapel in there, but the room needs some renovation.  It would be great to have our own place of worship and also our place of Prayer and discipleship . The room we use now is renovated by the Muslim community so we are aloud to have the course but not having Bible verses on the walls, cross or Bibles in there. So you can pray for that. Photos next time . We cant have many photos form Prison Ministry but as soon as we have I will share them with you.

Church Planting in Polican.

I travel 1 to 2 times a month to Polican is 286 km up and down in a average of 50-70km per hours  the last 50 km the road is still the same as 35 years ago when 1 car was passing  during the entire day. Not a fun travel. But I thank God for the Man of my church that drive there every Friday with a great Joy. And you can tell by the Sunday morning testimonies they share almost every time. Im way younger than  them , and I get tired when I travel to Polcan, but tired is a word I have never heard coming form there mouths accept worries for the meetings ,for the people and for the future of Gods work in there. I thank God and fill privileged to work with each of them. Thank you to all of you who have given to share the costs of there travels until they build a group of Leaders from there. And I thank God for Mimoza that just started her Bible School ISTL these year. She will be a key person from the Believers there for the future of the church and the ministry  on going . Thank you to all of you that made possible Her scholarship .



Our Church daily Life.

We are very focused on our small groups  activities . We strongly believe that as much as possible people must be part of an active small group. I thank GOD for the people leading our small groups. They are faithfully doing Gods work on taking care of  the people in church and for there spiritual food. We hope and pray that Christmas activities  will bring more new people that will start new small groups lead by those that  already have finished some of the SEAN books. Healthy Family ,Healthy Society.  Strong small family groups ,healthier church.


May God Be the Glory


-Pray for the Christmas Activities in our  church, in Prison, In our Church plants ,in our youth center, in our children’s programs , in our visits to the poor family’s.

It is the perfect time for us , not to celebrate but to share. To share the coming of our Lord Jesus that people can have Salvation and Joy in the Life.

Yours in Christ

Erion & Gentiana Cuni



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  1. Mia Gasparro : July 23, 2018 at 10:06 am

    Dear Pastor Erion,
    My name is Mia and l have been reading about some of the work that your church has been doing in Albania.
    I attend a Christian church here in Melbourne Australia and l would love to visit your church in the next 6 months.
    Would that be possible?

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