Waiting for a Miracle these Christmas

Waiting for a Miracle these Christmas
Well the greatest Miracle people have waited there  entire life has happened .
The baby Jesus is the Greatest miracle people can have!
 But God likes to give us more to help strengthen our Faith and his relationship with us.
 These year we purchased the building for our church with the Help of a very special  brother !
But in Faith we decided to have more space than the money we had because it woos needed for
the vision the church has !
So we still need 18 000 Euro from 88 000 that was the total amount !
We must pay these amount by the end of these month, so right on Christmas !

Pray that we can see the great work started well finished !
Pray that we can be a great testimony to those that owned the building like we have done until now!
Pray that the church will see the hand of God and his Faithfulness come right on time !
Pray that these Christmas our Joy and Faith will be raised up by praising GOD !

We have been doing allot during these time ! The building has shown us and to the community what a great blessing it is to have it !


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