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It is fantastic that Enver Hoxha’s regime to eradicate all forms of worship has been toppled, but the after-effects of such a dictatorship are still prevalent throughout Albania. Please pray for wholeness and healing for those who suffered during Hoxha’s reign.
During communism people were told repeatedly and forcefully, that there is no God; please pray for a reversal of this lie, that people will hear the truth and accept it.
Pray for the next generation in Albania that they may have hope and invest in there country.Looking to fight and build a future in there land . They have more freedom and opportunity
than their parents, pray that they can make good use of these privileges.

Muslim countries have invested huge sums of money sending aid and missionaries into Albania. Please pray that Albania may be spared the sorrows of extreme Islamism, and that Muslims may turn from the religion forced on the population in the 14th Century by their Turkish Ottoman conquerors.

Due to Christians being martyred during communism; Godly people with years of experience are scarce across Albania. Pray that God will raise up new leaders and that appropriate training will be available for them.

Pray for good governance within Albania; for Albania to be free from corruption, greed and discrimination. Pray that every person in Albania will be given the human rights they deserve regardless of race, wealth, religion or background.

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